Influence of Temperature Variation to Growth of Nostoc (Cyanobacteria) HS-5 and HS-20 Isolated from Hot Spring Indonesia on Bold Basal Medium

Nining Betawati Prihantini


The research aims to know the effect of variation temperature to the growth of Nostoc HS-5 and HS-20. Nostoc HS-5 isolated from Ciseeng hot spring which has habitat temperature range of 30—43 °C, and Nostoc HS-20 isolated from Pancar Mountain hot spring which has temperature range of 46—69 °C. The research was done by measuring biomass weight and chlorophyll content on day-1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 14, 17, and 21. The temperature which used were 20 °C, 35 °C, and 50 °C. The growth medium which used was BBM with pH 6.6. Each treatment was made in four replications. Non-parametric statistical analysis using the Friedman test (a=0.05) and Spearman test (a=0.01). Based on qualitative, the result showed there were significant differences on the biomass weight of Nostoc HS-5 and HS-20 grown at temperature of 20 °C, 35 °C, and 50 °C. The highest amount of average biomass weight for Nostoc HS-5 and HS-20 was showed in 35 °C.  Besides that, there was no correlation between biomass weight and chlorophyll content of Nostoc HS-5 and HS-20.


Nostoc, biomass weight, cyanobacteria, hot spring, temperature

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